Monday, May 19, 2014

Guidance Counselor Fashion

I self admit that I have a style all my own. A mix of classic, classy with a dash of flare or sparkle. Being a mom of three sometimes my mornings are more hurried than I would like.... But I thought I would share with you some of my fashion!
This is today's outfit. I used Polyvore to help me put it together. Love Polyvore! Check them out and follow me here...

The dress I have on is similar to this one. I actually got the one I have on today from a second hand store in great condition! The scarf is one of my favorite accessories, bersama! They are handmade in Indonesia and a percentage of the proceeds is donated back to two women's organizations. Check them out here...   I have a similar sweater to this one, it's Tommy Hilfiger and I got it at a Tommy Hilfiger Outlet store a couple of years ago and I love it! The purse is my go to purse, it's Initials, Inc. I won it in a giveaway!! Check it out here...  The gal who did the giveaway is Sheri Williams, that link will directly connect you to her. She is incredible and lovely to work with. Follow her on her facebook page, that's where I won the giveaway! A messy side braid to finish the look and viola! My Guidance Counselor Style!