Sunday, September 1, 2013

My office

I love to see posts on other School Counselor's blogs about their offices. I get some great ideas from them, so here is mine :) I know it can be difficult to decorate an office as a high school counselor because you can't use as cutesy decorations as an elementary school counselor.
Here are some pictures of my office. It's basically a rectangle, it's a good size, (although smaller than the office at my last job) and holds a small couch and two chairs.

Here is a view from the door. I LOVE having windows!! My previous office didn't have a window. I knew I would love having one and I was right!  

Here is my desk. I never move the calendar off of my desk. It's how I survive. The desk is one of my least favorite things in the office...(next to the horrid painted border) I think it's ugly.... but in good time I'll do something with it... paint it? Sand it? I'm sure Pinterest will give me some good ideas ;)

Here's the side of my office next to my window. The plant, flowers, and card are all from my previous coworkers. Aren't they sweet?! It's nice to have a piece of them in my new office. The bag is one of my favorite items. It's from Initials, Inc and is so functional! I literally have probably 6 of these... one for each of my children, our bathroom, our snacks in the kitchen, at work... everywhere really. This one I use to take in my classrooms. It carries my handouts, extra pens, and any other goodies I need. It's pretty fab and it's cute :)

Here's more of the border... yuck! Along with my adorable husband and beautiful children, who wouldn't want to look at these cute faces all day? :) Also, on a side note, I got the black bins for like $4 at the dollar store for all 3! The cute chevron cups are from Target for a $1. There are two inspirational signs on my shelves. One is from Hallmark and says, "You have to make your future." The other was a gift (because it's soooo me) and it's says, "Let your inner princess shine"

Here is the view from my desk. I sent emails and letters to schools all over asking them to send me goodies to decorate my office with and they were all so generous!! You can see my bulletin board from a previous post hangs in my office. I have a closet in my office, which is really awesome. It can hide some of my junk aka counseling goodies. I was also the lucky recipient of the lovely blue and purple table.... I'm also looking for Pinterest ideas for this... Oh and one more of my favorite items in my office, my zebra rug! It's from Marshalls and was $3 :)

Here is my cork board border covering up the ugly painted one. It's does a nice job of holding up pictures, college swag, school sports stuff, and more. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.

Annnnd that my friends, is my office :) I'd love to see yours!!

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